Latisa Be’s Books

About Unleash The Woman Inside of You: 7 Essential Ingredients!

Are you stuck between wanting to be yourself and the woman you are expected to be??

Latisa Be shows you how you can be authentic and unapologetically you. Imagine removing all your limiting beliefs placed on you by society, family, or yourself. What if you had the strength and courage to just be the woman you were created to be? Unleash the Woman Inside of You: 7 Essential Ingredients is a big step to making this a reality. 

Unleash the Woman Inside of You provides guidance to help you:

  • Take the initial steps towards embracing the life you have
  • Learn to confront your fears and do it afraid 
  • Identify what’s keeping you stuck and what you can do to move forward
  • Release the negative energy that’s blocking your greatness
  • And more!!

About The Resurrection: Life After the Death of Your Child

Latisa Be thought there wasn’t any challenge in her life that she couldn’t overcome, until her son was senselessly murdered, and she was left in pieces.

The Resurrection is an uplifting non-fiction book that seeks to instill hope to a parent who has experienced the loss of a child. Latisa walks us through how she created a new normal, broke a generational cycle, and redefined strength as she put her life back together. Latisa also gives practical insight to those who want to support a grieving mother to do so in a helpful, compassionate way.

If you are stuck and need help:

  • Discovering who you are now
  • Answering the question “how many children do you have?”
  • Want to feel normal again

This is the book for you. Latisa provides an alternative to clinical books on grief and provides a practical approach to resurrecting her life after her son’s death. Her sometimes funny and always honest stories let you be the guide of your own healing, and the exercises in the book offers support as you put the pieces of your life back together.