About The Author

Latisa Be

Latisa Be is originally from New Orleans, La. and joined the military immediately after high school because she dreamed of going to college but no money to pay for it. With determination and persistence she graduated from Southern University at New Orleans with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, Keller Graduate School of Management with a Masters degree in Information Systems Management, and From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program.

Latisa grew up in an underprivileged environment where it was a challenge to see anything beyond her environment. For years, the woman inside of Latisa struggled to come out but was constantly held back by her limiting beliefs and the beliefs other bestowed on her. It wasn’t until Latisa’s son was murdered that she decided to take back the power her beliefs had over her and unleash the woman inside.

Latisa’s purpose in life is to impact the lives of as many women as she can to help them overcome adversity and become the women they want to be. She believes a woman is not defined by her circumstances and can create the life she wants to live. She shares her story of tragedy, struggle, and resilience to inspire, empower, and give hope to women who may be struggling with a similar journey. She truly believes that when she shares her story, her story not only heals her but others as well.